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News App is a mobile news system that runs under the Android/ iOS/ PWA platform that is used for your own news application. Developed with Ionic 5 Capacitor make the app run fast and smoothly.

Integrated with Admin Panel to manage news, category, notification, and many more anytime and every time you want. Admin Panel side developed using PHP Laravel 6 and MySQL Database.

Clean code and good design are the main priorities, by using this app, you can save your money and time in creating an app for your own native mobile news app.

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technology stack
For Mobile Apps
  1. Ionic 5 & Capacitor 3
  2. Latest Android SDK
  3. Latest XCODE.

For Admin Panel
  1. Angular 11
  2. CoreUI Admin Panel

For Backend API
  1. PHP 7+
  2. Laravel 6
  3. JWT Role-Based Token
  4. PHPMyAdmin


  1. Firebase Account for FCM
  2. Laravel SMTP Gmail Account for Mail
  1. Fully Functional
  2. Easy Installations
  3. Documentation
  4. Single Owner App
  5. Android / iOS / PWA Supported
  6. Fastest API
  7. Push Notification (Firebase FCM)
  8. Multi-Languages
  9. Secure API with JWT Auth Token
  10. Video News
  11. Categories Filter
  12. Search News
  13. News Like System
  14. Bookmark News System
  15. Banners
  16. Many more.