Grocery Delivery App
Grocery Delivery App is a Single Owner Grocery delivery App, that comes with the user app, PWA, Admin Panel, and delivery man app. With this powerful system, you will get a powerful admin panel built with Ionic 5 that will help you manage the whole system smartly which accelerates your grocery store business.

We offer PWA supports for all the apps. This application was created by Ionic 5 Capacitor for the client-side and then Laravel 6 PHP MySQL for the Admin side. Run under the Android / iOS / PWA platform which is the most popular Mobile And Web Technology in the world. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating applications for grocery delivery or dining booking apps.
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technology stack

For Mobile Apps

  1. Ionic 5 & Capacitor 3
  2. Latest Android SDK
  3. Latest XCODE.


For Admin Panel

  1. Ionic 5 Capacitor


For Backend API

  1. PHP 7+
  2. Laravel 6
  3. JWT Role-Based Token
  4. PHPMyAdmin



  1. Google Maps Keys
  2. Firebase Account for FCM and SMS
  3. Twillio Account for SMS
  4. MSG91 For SMS
  5. Laravel SMTP Gmail Account for Mail
  1. Fully Functional
  2. Easy Installations
  3. Documentation
  4. Single Owner App
  5. Android / iOS / PWA Supported
  6. Fastest API
  7. Push Notification (Firebase FCM)
  8. Email Notification (Laravel Gmail SMTP)
  9. SMS Gateway (Twillio, MSG91, Firebase)
  10. Invoice
  11. Multi-Languages
  12. Multi Payments
  13. Multi-Currency
  14. Secure API with JWT Auth Token
  15. Categories Filter
  16. Search Products
  17. Order History
  18. Reviews System
  19. Order Tracking
  20. Banners
  21. Coupon code
  22. Many more.